A token is the currency used on Bubblexchange to buy and sell items. It has no financial value and cannot be exchange for money. The value of a token depends on what value a buyer or seller places on an item. We always say start your bidding low and see what happens! Some items may have a buy it now token value and so that will be the amount of token it will cost you to purchase that item.
You will get 5 Tokens for £5
The fundraising will go to the school you select at registration and your preferences will automatically be set to this school. If you accidently registered with the wrong school then drop us an e-mail and we will change it for you.
Bubblexchange acts as a fundraising platform for your school and hence the majority (approximately 80%) of your £5 will go to your school. The remainder is for transaction fees and the running of bubbleXchange.
Just imagine if you could get the majority of your school uniform for all of your children for the rest of their school years for only £5. That could be what happens if you register and continue to buy and sell on bubbleXchange. Now if that’s not enough of a reason to register we have nothing further to say!
Even though we don’t want you to leave we’ve made it easy for you to de-register. Just go into your ‘My Account’ section and click de-register. You’ll be asked to confirm your choice and the reason for leaving, because it helps us improve. If you do decide to de-register and you have Tokens remaining, they will be lost. If you do re-register in the future you will need to pay the £5 registration cost again and your account will be credited with 5 Tokens
We created the Token to enable you to get much more for your money. Since a Token does not have a single value it’s the decision between the buyer and seller that will dictate how much something is worth. Just remember most outgrown school uniforms don’t have much value to the owner anymore!
You have two options. Sell something you have and no longer want or need in exchange for Tokens or purchase a further bundle of Tokens from the website. You will receive 5 Tokens for £5
You have two options. You can either sell it for a chosen number of Tokens or sell it as a Bid item where buyers will place bids. You will be able to set a minimum Token amount on your item if you wish to. For the Buy Now item, the item will be sold once a buyer agrees to pay the listed Token amount. For the Bid item, once the first acceptable bid is placed there is a 12 hour time limit, but you can accept an offer at any stage. If you have not accepted an offer, the system will accept the highest offer after the 12 hour period.
The clock begins once the first acceptable offer has been made. The clock counts down from 12 hours. If no bid meets the minimum token amount, the clock will not begin and the item will be available for as long as it takes for an acceptable bid to be made or once 6 months has lapsed, which ever comes first. You will have an option to Relist your item at this point and you can edit your item at any point.
We have set a limit of 6 months on all items. You will have an option to Relist your item at this point and you can edit your item at any point.
 In My Account under preferences, you can select how you want to be contacted. Simply uncheck the relevant boxes. Of course if you have listed an item you need to be willing to be contacted by the buyer but only once the sale has been agreed.