How it works

This will get you started.

Find an item you want

Head straight to the Browse page. The filter option on the left makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

At present we are focusing on Primary School uniform, but watch this space for future developments

Donate £5 of which 70% will go to your school

Set up your account and select your school & preference.

Your account will be tagged to your school so money you donate into the website will be passed onto your school.
Your £5 donation buys you 5 tokens. This is your unique spending currency on this website so spend it wisely.

Buying Options

Items will either be Buy now or bid items ,meaning you will either pay the asking token amount or be free to make offers. For bid items, there is up to a 12 hour lifespan from the first acceptable bid received, however the seller has the power to end the bidding once they receive an offer they like so don't hang around.

We show you other items from the same seller so you can get a job lot​.

Now it's time to receive

Once the sale is agreed, you will be able to contact the seller.

The likelyhood is that you've bought something from your own school, so to save yet more money, time and effort we suggest school drop off as the perfect place to hand over the item.

Unlike most websites, we want you to save your money for other things...

... and the way to do this, is to begin selling.

  If you have children in Primary School the chances are that you've got bags of outgrown uniform somewhere in your house. These items of no value to you but could be a huge saving for another family.

Once you've set up your account simply click on sell an item then snap it (take a photo of it) and tap it (tap in a few basic details) and you're done.

You can decide whether to place a token value on the item, be open to offers or give it away for free.

Keep selling and you'll never need to buy tokens again. The more you sell, the more tokens you'll receive. Of course you can buy more whenever you like and this will be donated to your school to allow them to give your child a better education.